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All of our special days, field trips and programs are listed on the school calendar.

Check to see what is happening in each of our classrooms!

Grades K - 1
Mrs. Gayle

Kindergarten Curriculum - Stepping Stones
1st Grade Curriculum


Grades 2 - 3
Mr. Williams

2nd Grade Curriculum
3rd Grade Curriculum

Grades 4-5
Mr. Hylton
Grade Curriculum
5th Grade Curriculum

Grades 6 - 8
Mrs. Kyte-Wilson
Grade Curriculum
7th Grade Curriculum
8th Grade Curriculum


Grades 9 - 12
Ms. Massillon
Ms. Matheson
9th Grade Curriculum
10th Grade Curriculum
11th Grade Curriculum
12th Grade Curriculum

Multi-Grade Curriculum
Text Book List 2021-22 Grades K-12
Big Ideas Curriculum Grades K-12

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